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Factoring is an ideal financing solution for companies that have to wait 30+ days to collect on their accounts receivable but need access to their cash much sooner. Factoring with SureLine Capital takes the headache out of invoicing, billing, collecting, & applying payments and allows you to do what you do best – grow your business!

SureLine offers factoring and accounts receivable financing to companies that range from start-ups to well-established businesses in a variety of industries. So, if you find your business in an increasing sales and accounts receivable trend with decreasing cash in the bank then call us today for a free consultation or apply directly through out website!


 Quicker access to cashflow

 Easier application and approval process when compared to traditional bank loans

 We handle the invoicing, billing, and collecting for you

 You won’t have to make collection calls on past due invoices

 Saves the expense of paying an employee to bill, collect, and apply payments

 We run credit checks on each of your customers which provides additional peace of mind

 Pay for operating expenses like fuel, repairs, insurance, payroll, etc.

 Add additional employees to run additional shifts, take on larger jobs, or purchase raw materials

 Smooth out the cashflow of your business to meet season demand

 Avoids adding debt to your company’s balance sheet

 Improves your company’s credit score over time as you pay suppliers more timely



Factoring, also known as accounts receivable financing, is a type of financing in which a business will sell an invoice or set of invoices at a discount to a third party known as factor.

The advance rate is determined by the credit quality of the companies you do business with. Each customer's debtors are individually evaluated, and based upon their credit worthiness, an invoice may be advanced up to 95%.

Tha's okay! The primary source of repayment is dependent on your debtor's credit score rather than your personal credit score.

Absolutely! Unlike traditional financing, we do not have a prerequisite for length of time in business.

Typically within one business day, but oftentimes we can fund same-day after your first invoice submission.

We can pay you in a variety of ways, e.g. same-day wire or next day ACH.

No. You get to choose which invoices you want to factor and when you want to factor them.

No. SureLine Capital does not charge early termination fees.

No. SureLine Capital will advance you an amount based on your pre-determined advance rate and your customer then pays SureLine directly rather than sending it to your business account.


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